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These pages contain the text of articles and correspondence in the Christian and secular press.  Items within the articles are also cross-referenced to other pages in the Web.  As always, when you seen underlined coloured text a left mouse click should navigate you to that item.  Clicking on the headings in the left hand margin, should have the same benefits and .

Clergy given power to confirm?

 Pelagius my hero!
“The reason Pelagius was such a hate-figure for Augustine was that he still held the naive belief that Christian Initiation was meant to be a personal and life-changing event. He was shocked at how conventional faith had become in Rome.  In Britain a pre-baptismal catechumenate still prevailed: a looming question-mark over instant infant baptism.”
Mr Perry goes on to argue that Anglican clergy should be given the power to confirm. 

 Newspaper 25th April 2002 speaks of the value of Baptisms, weddings and funerals in church growth 

The Value of "Occasional Offices"

Weddings and Funerals 
Letter to Church of England Newspaper 25th April 2002 speaks of the value of Baptisms, weddings and funerals in church growth 

Don't Baptise Baby Brooklyn!

Parish Newsletter by Bradford Vicar gains national media coverage 
Rev John Hartley noticed a report that Football Star David Beckham had said he wanted Brooklyn baptised but wasn't sure into what faith.   John suggested that as David was an "honest bloke", he should consider a Thanksgiving Service instead.  Coverage by media can be "selective" and the full press release is provided

Sun, Bradford Post, CEN and Jimmy Young Show and Radio Leeds,(March/April 2002)

Common Worship Initiation Services

Articles about problems with Common Worship appeared in the Church of England Newspaper in March and April 2001. 
The correspondence started with a challenging article by Jeremy Collingwood and Steve Daughtery Vicar and Associate Vicar, Christ Church, Guildford

Initial response came rapidly!

A more vigorous Episcopal response followed.

Further reactions and author response are shown here.

  A Rationale for Infant Baptism

In September 2001, Bishop Buchanan presented his latest article on the subject "A Rationale for Infant Baptism.  It provoked response from Michael Saward,  Roger Godin and others from different standpoints. 
The originating article.

Saward's Supplement

Roger's Riposte

And from Nigel Rowe

And Finally... (David Wright)


The NSS periodically seem to raise the profile of their so-called "debaptism certificates".  We discussed this in 2007, but it has been resurrected in March 2009.  This later correspondence is indicated below 
The 2007 correspondence

The 2009 correspondence


The Daily Telegraph has published a number of articles:
God out of Godparents

A service for those who are or of other faiths

If unmarried parents seek baptism for  their child
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