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The following are some of the more important documents dealing seriously with the issue of baptismal integrity.   Some may be difficult to obtain, and researchers should contact us for copies if the usual sources such as Christian Bookshops and Amazon cannot supply.  E-mail to
The Clockwork Church

 Christoper Wansey, Mowbray 1978.

 Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry World Council of Churches, Geneva 1982.
Baptism: its practice, purpose and power Michael Green, 1987.
Believing in Baptism Gordon Kuhrt, Mowbrays 1987
Godparents Anne Watson, Kingsway 1989
 Reforming Infant Baptism Colin Buchanan, Clifford Owen & Alan Wright, Hodder & Stoughton 1990.
Baptize Every Baby? Clifford Owen, Monarch 1991.
Christian Initiation in the Anglican Communion David R Holton, Grove Books 1991
Infant Baptism in the Church of England Colin Buchanan, Grove Books 1992
 Infant Baptism and the Gospel Colin Buchanan, Darton Longman & Todd 1993
Why Baptise Infants? Arthur Yates, Canterbury Press 1993
How to make a Family Covenant Family Covenant Assocín 1994
Baptism, Reconciliation and Unity Kevin Roy, Paternoster 1997
New Initiation Rites Colin Buchanan & Michael Vasey, Grove Books 1998.
Baptism in the New Testament Beasley Murray, Paternsoter 1962
I believe in the Church David Watson, Hodder 1978
The Water that Divides Bridge, Phypers, IVP 1977
The Normal Christian Birth David Pawson, Hodder 1989
Right to Baptise Geoffrey Hart, Hodder 1966
Connecting with Baptism Mark Earey, Trevor Lloyd and Ian Tarrant, CHP 2008
Leaflet explaining differences between Thanksgiving and Baptism services Roger Godin and others
 Infant Baptism and Common Worship Colin Buchanan, Grove Books 2001
A case for Infant Baptism Colin Buchanam Grove Books 2009 (rev)
An Evangelical among Liturgists Colin Buchanan SPCK 2009
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